Gear fan

Ever since the day I started in this sport I have been a gear fan. I’m the kind of person that is always reading on the internet and magazines investigating what’s happening in the triathlon world, what’s the new gear, shoes, bikes, accessories, etc. you name it.

So I wanted to start by showing you what do I own, my tools for training and racing. It is not the most expensive gear nor the least one, but is what my economic capacities have given me the privilege to own and I have to tell you: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERY PIECE OF GEAR THAT I OWN!
(I also have to mention that the support my family has given me is extraordinary and I could not have accomplished anything without them)


Out of the three this one, Is cheaper than cycling (obviously!) But I wouldn’t know if it’s actually cheaper than running. You have to buy a wetsuit, a speedsuit (this one is a plus), goggles, fins, paddles, etc. And pay a monthly fee to swim in a pool, or for masters swimming.

What I currently own for swimming is: An XTerra vector pro wetsuit (bought it with 60% off!), an XTerra velocity speedsuit (also 60% off), a pair of Tyr custom special ops goggles, speedo fins, paddles, buoy (which is practically the only swimming store here in Colombia) and have never bought a swimming cap; you get them at races!.


I personally believe that the XTerra gear provides the best bang for your buck, I have never tried anything different but both suits feel great when swimming. The wetsuit feels light on your shoulders, gives a good flotation. And the speedsuit has that tight, snug fit that lets you swim great. Of course, there are better and more expensive suits out there that will probably perform better. But these are great and for a starting point I don’t think there’s anything better.


For running I have tried A LOT of shoes until I came across with saucony. It is hands down an unbelievable shoe, comfort, speed, weight, you name it. This brand is above anything else.
I currently have Kinvara 4 and Virrata which I use for racing. The difference lies on the drop (4mm vs 0mm)and the structure of the shoe. Virrata is pure natural running, it will get your calfs hurting more in a long distance race but I just feel they’re a pair of rockets on my feet. I ran an ironman on them an felt great throughout the 42K (26mi). While kinvara I use them for training, it helps you on not beating your muscles so much, and they’re still light and fast!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 3.30.41 PM


For the interesting part of this post I own a road bike and a tri bike. I live in Medellín, Colombia. This city is located in a valley, so hills is what we have, hence the importance of a road bike.
(a lot of famous Colombian cyclist live in this region such as Rigoberto Urán)
My road bike is an awesome Wilier Cento 1SL 2012 with Sram Red and Shimano wheels. I bought it, again with a discount, and the effort of many months of working…and I absolutely love this bike, I have no words to explain the greatness of Wilier, it is super-light, an incredible climber, and shifting with sram red is also extraordinary; fast, exact.
My Tri bike is a Felt B12 2012 and has gone through some upgrading. When I bought this bike I was looking for a mid-price bike that could provide me with the best set-up possible for that price and I wasn’t wrong. It comes with a “semi-aero” wheels (better than any other matching bike), shimano dura-ace components and vision components. The changes I made to it was the crankset I set a dura-ace 7900 crankset, and I bought the most awesome wheels ever to be invented…Enve 6.7 SES.
For rainy days, specific training I have a Tacx Vortex trainer. which I like a lot, a little noisy but great trainer, it measures all my data, which is everything I need in a trainer.

If you want a more in depth comment or anything or any piece of gear I haven’t mentioned above feel free to comment or contact me!
this is my first post so it will only get better as I learn how to manage the site and write more!



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