Mental Strength

these are the kind of thing to visualize
these are the kind of thing to visualize

The last couple of weeks have been hard both physically and mentally, so I’ve been meaning to write about how I have tried to keep myself going through this hard time which more mental than anything else.

The last couple of weeks have been overload weeks which means lots of hours of training and then the taper for Ironman 70.3 San Juan begins! (it started as of past monday 24/3) The week before was the longest in hours of training and it went out smoothly, did every workout and did it finishing strong and the times recorded were as expected. But last week was chaos, I wasn’t performing as I usually do and it hit me hard (mentally) because feeling my race so close and seeing awful times really worried me. To top it off saturday was a forced day off due to personal issues and then sunday was a rainy day and I was away from my trainer so had to switch and get in my long run and hope for a nice sunny day on monday (it was a holiday). Monday came and it’s been the worst day in a long time…rain never stopped so couldn’t get my long bike workout in, and most importantly a pain from an injury came back to the point that it was very hard for me to even walk. With that came a lot of anxiety, despair, and doubt.

This is the part where your brain starts playing games on you and you have to stay strong. Despite all the negativity throughout the week I knew that I have been training consistently and that the injury that I have can go away fast with therapy and now I have added massages to help my body recover faster and heal faster. I just hope that 3 weeks is enough to make me be on the start line as fit as possible and with no pain so I can have a god race and a shot to getting my ticket to Canada for the world championships! Simply what I do is try to think always positive things, not only in sport but in my life, I try to think about my efforts in training, about the people involved in this that help me train every day, the people that I love, etc. If I fill myself with positiveness then these hard days start to go by easily and I can focus on what’s left of my training and recovering entirely from injury.

This topic has lots to write about so I’ll continue this subject on posts to come, so this doesn’t become too long and too boring to read!  


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