Race Week

Race week for me has finally arrived…Next sunday will be my first race of the season…Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico.


After some months of training, ups and downs it is finally here, a week to taper, get your body in the perfect state for the race and then 7:00am on sunday morning the gun goes off…It is really a good feeling to have a race this close and feel that your body is responding given the recent injuries. I’ve had a tendinitis near the hip for about a month and 2 weeks ago, when it was all good, it came back, (mental strength) then last week I had a swollen knee so had to take a couple of days off and keep it on the conservative side to get to race day as fit as possible. The knee is back to normal and having those days off really helped my body recover. I think it was just a way of my body telling me to back off a little bit and I did.

Now about the week, training is very low intensity and duration, what has been done is done, everything  this week is just to keep myself rested and fit for sunday. Continuous easy swims, short bikes and rides with some race pace pick ups.

I have big hopes for this race, never been in Puerto Rico before. As seen through internet and friends that have raced it, the swim is in a salt water lagoon which they say is incredible with a bit of waves at the end so it can be a fast swim, then the bikes is completely flat with some wind in your back and then against and this can lead to a fast bike and on the run the real race starts. With really high temperatures and a lot of steep hills this run seems not easy at all, so it’s gotta be an intelligent run to have a good run time.

If I have the day I expect to have I’ll have a very big chance of getting my entrance to the 70.3 worlds! which would be a dream come true…I just hope it happens and I am going to leave it all come the race…it is all in for me!
Of course, I am thinking about times and doing calculations but I don’t want to talk before race day about this…on the post race post I’ll compare the expectations vs performance.


I’ll write a review of how I did and about the course in the weeks to come after the race for the people that would like to go there in the future. Be sure to check back on this on days to come!


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