A-race training

the last couple of weeks, after San Juan 70.3, have been focused on volume training for my A-race of the year…Ironman Lake Placid.

Since san Juan results I wanted to focus on my running which I feel I have been leaving it aside for a while and on Puerto Rico I did a slow half marathon. That being said, the last weeks have included A LOT of running and my body is starting to feel it, I have been able to get a little bit of my speed back and it really feels great, especially on the mental side to know that I can go faster and run better every time. Last week I as able to run 16K and 18K both on the treadmill and the average was 4:40/k  with and average heart rate of 152bpm which is really low for me and the speed isn’t that slow. (Which left me very happy obviously!)

These weeks has also been a little hard, because it has been tons of volume with low intensity so there are days that seem that aren’t going to end, especially when done on a trainer with rain outside and on a treadmill still with the rain outside…it’s a crazy weather down here and it is raining a lot so it calls for indoor. What makes me happy about it is that it is so hard mentally that I know my mental strength is improving with these long workouts on the trainer and treadmill. So the more I suffer the better I get and the closer I am to getting my ticket to Kona!




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