Dealing with injury

The past few weeks have been really hard for me, especially on the mental side of dealing with an injury that isn’t letting me train as I am supposed to, in order to meet the goals that are expected for Ironman Lake Placid.

I have a pain in my right hip which is causing me to really slow down on the run, it does`t let me go fast even though my mind and body wants to, the leg just doesn’t respond. Anyway it was fine, I dealt with it on the run knowing it will eventually go away and I could bike and swim normally, until last saturday when I couldn’t even pedal and 1.5 hrs into my long ride I had to call it a day and get a doctor’s appointment.

At this point, everything in my mind broke down, it was brutal, every negative thought came to mind, thinking about having to take a lot of days off and losing the fitness I had built and especially because I was feeling fast again on my running. It is on these situations that I have to think on everything I have done and knowing that I have to take a step aside to get better and come back even stronger, it is not easy at all dealing with an injury, dealing with everything that comes with it. But in the end I know it’s all for a good reason, for my health and future races!

What the doctors say is that it is nothing serious, but needs to be taken care of with a lot of therapy, stretching and massages (which hurts like hell, not the kind of massage you’re thinking off!). Personally I think there is a lesson to learn from everything and this injury is a cruel way that my body tells me that I need to take better care of it during recovery and do LOTS OF STRETCHING, I have now learned it the hard way and hope that if you’re reading this post you better stretch as hard as you train and learn from my experience!

For now I am back to cycling and swimming normally, and hope this week I start to run. At the end I just want to have the day of my life in Ironman Lake Placid!


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