2014 Season

The year is about to come to an end and the 2015 season is starting for me now. So it’s that time of year to look back and analyze what happened throughout this year and what could be done to get better and what positive outcomes I had and continue to apply them for 2015.

Thinking back on Ironman Maryland…What a race! not only did I do a sub-10 Ironman but I crashed the 10 hour line in 9:46:57, it was my PR by 45min! a bike split that was one of the fastest of the day, and the list can go on.
I decided to do this race after Lake Placid which was only two months away and it seemed a little risky to do two ironman’s in that time span but something inside me just told me that it was the race for me to do to close the season. It also seemed like a good shot to get a slot for Kona 2015. And by that time I would be already living in the U.S, so tickets were cheaper and the flight way shorter, so it seemed like the race to do.
Every race leaves you with positive things and aspects that make you think were you can improve. The most important thing about this race is that it left me thinking was that I am actually good at this, it is only my second year of racing iron distance and I crushed the 10 hour line. Since that day all I think about is how fast can I go, am I actually good enough to dedicate myself entirely to it? How far am I from breaking the 9 hour line? what about winning? I know its a long shot and probably it will take years but why not? I am certainly passionate about the sport and the life around it.
But as good as it sounds to dream with this, when I really think about it I am light years away from the real good ones in the sport. Its funny that I started to do triathlon from a running background and as of today running became my weak link. I consider myself a decent swimmer, not front of the pack but neither the back, Cycling is my strongest leg and usually I pass tons of people on it, but then it comes to the marathon where I get passed, I mean in Lake Placid I was 3rd off the bike and ended up 12th, on Maryland I was 4th and ended 6th, still a better outcome, but as always getting passed. I need to have the proper pace to be able to maintain my spots or at least give a harder fight. I think I am in the point that I have to sacrifice what it takes to win, that simple…I want to win.

This burning desire inside me that says to me every second of every day that this is what I want to do, It’s what really keeps me going and training every day, sacrificing a lot to do it, getting up, putting up with countless hours on a trainer, inside a pool, etc. Even when I just want to lay on a couch and do nothing, I get up and do it. And if I don’t I feel like sh*t at the end of the day. All of this simply because I want to be the best, I am happy when I race, when I train, I am me.

The support I get from my girlfriend, my family, especially the economic support from my father is what makes this possible. I know it sound cheesy, but it is true, I wouldn’t be able to do this without them. There’s not enough words or lifetimes enough to thank them and be grateful. What I can say sure is: THANK YOU!



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