New Year, New Gear

As of this year I have changed my running shoes, why?

Well, I have been running for quite some time now with Saucony but for some time I wasn’t feeling as comfortable as I used to on these shoes, even though I had a new pair of kinvara’s. So I decided to look for another brand of shoes that might work better for me. What happens with these decisions is that it is a trial and error experiment, you just have to buy shoes until you get the ones you were looking for, and yes I did buy more than a pair before finding the right ones.

I did my research at first within the Saucony brand, since I really like them and is what my body is used to. I’ve always been a neutral runner but for some reason, maybe some tight spots, I was pronating a bit, and with my hip history I thought that maybe it was because I’ve used neutral shoes all this time and really I had to run in a little bit of stability. So I went and tried the Saucony Guide 8’s. It was awful, ever since I put them on my feet started to hurt, my legs got tighter and developed some shin splints, it was truly not the shoe for me. So after this bad experience I started to do my research away from Saucony and came across an article about New Balance in Lava Magazine, from the description of the shoe it seemed like the perfect shoe for my running gait and style. I asked a friend that recently changed from saucony to new balance and only said good thing about this shoe. I also was looking for a shoe with a little bit more of drop for training, Kinvara’s and Cortana’s are both 4mm, so I wanted to try an 8mm shoe which, theoretically, helps a bit during training, impact wise. Long story short, I bought a pair of New Balance 890’s and since the first time that I put them on I knew I had found the new shoes for me, they are lightweight, 8mm drop, just a tad of support where I need it to be, but still a neutral shoe. Haven’t had any pains, I don’t have anything negative to say about the 890’s. Maybe somewhere along the line I will feel something but as for now everything has been great and hope to continue in this path with New Balance.


I have already trained with them for tempo runs, slow runs, long runs, I have done every possible run in my training repertoire and they keep feeling better and better. I am planning, of course, on buying a pair of a more racing shoe and the idea is to go with the 1600’s, the shoe that won Kona in both genders. If Kienle and Carfrae won Kona with this brand, there has to be something especial about it, don’t you think?

I invite anyone looking for shoes to try this brand, They are coming back into the triathlon world and coming back strong!!

If you want more in-depth opinion or review of the shoes feel free to contact me.


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Gear

  1. I started running in new balance 1080’s and found them great. However, they didn’t last very long; maybe 200km?

    As a result I changed to Mizuno (wave inspire for training and sayonara for racing) and found the fit just as good, and lasting much longer.

    1. I’ve ran in the NB for about 100km now and still feel great. Let’s see how long they last for me, although I do change running shoes often or my other advice is to train with more than one pair of shoes, it makes them last longer and from a technical point of view, when you run on any shoe it takes them about 48 hours for the material to go back to its original form, so when you run every day on the same shoe your are hurting your body more rather than switching on two pairs of the same shoe every other day.

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