One Year Ago

A year ago I had the best day of my life, I got to toe the line with the best in the world at Kona, Hawaii.

Yes, it was my slowest time by far, but what most don’t know is that I lost 2:30 hours on the first 5kms of the bike due to a mechanical problem that had no way of fixing and I had to sit on the road and wait for the mechanical aid to show up.To put it in perspective, I swam in 57:22, the race started at 6:55am, which means I was on my bike well before 8:00am and I rode 5kms in 2:30 hours. When I restarted my bike it was 10:30am! Every single person passed me, yet I got on my bike, managed a 4:48 split, which would’ve been one of the fastest of the day and then on the run, all was well until some pain showed up in the bottom of my right foot, something I have never felt before…which made me walk for most of the run and later I found out I had a stress fracture.

So, yes…the absolute best day of my life making it to that finish line. After everything I went through I did not finish last in my age group, nor did I gave up on having that Kona Finish experience.

Today, I am recovering from a hip surgery, I went in one year from the best shape of my life to be sitting down and doing very little exercise, but this too shall pass and I will be back in Kona, that is for sure.



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