This Blog

This Blog was created with the idea of delivering other triathletes a space in which they can learn directly from an athlete’s perspective, from personal experiences, training, gear opinion, racing, etc. As well as guest athletes to write their own perspectives.

The goal of this webpage is to try to make it as complete as possible across various subjects of the triathlon world. Not just my personal view of my training, my races, my thoughts, etc. Of course personal stuff will be included but it also aims to give insight on other subjects, news on the triathlon world, etc.

The name of Living To Tri comes from the lifestyle that triathlon brings with it, you are, well at least me, living to try new things, new races, faster times, trying to qualify for the world championships, both 70.3 and Kona. The incredible effort we have to do between managing a “normal” life and training.

I hope this will serve all of you as a tool during your training, inspire you to try, to exceed your limits.  You’re also welcome to comment anything and I would really appreciate any feedback you have!


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